The HR Key

We are a team of consultants specializing in Human Resources. Our goal is to help companies in the Gaspésie and the Magdalen Islands reach their full potential by increasing their individual and organizational performance.


Whether your company already has a human resources department or not. Our team of consultants can help you fill a staffing gap, act as an external resource, or simply take care of a specific HR mandate. The well-being of human capital is a concept that our organization takes very much to heart. We are here to help you achieve a quality of work life that will help your company evolve and stand out in the current market.

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Job listings

This section is dedicated to job offers from companies collaborating with the H.R. Key that are currently recruiting personnel.

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About us

The Coop. Accès Travail GÎM officially opened its doors on July 1st, 2011. This innovative business model allowed us to put all our energy in the service of the Gaspesian population, while assuming ourselves the tasks of management and representation, and thus being at the heart of the decisions related to the evolution of the cooperative. Initially an employment assistance service, the members of the Coop. Accès Travail GÎM decided, in 2017, to form a service for employers that would enhance the services offered by the cooperative.

Initially an employment assistance service, the members of the Coop. Accès Travail GÎM decided, in 2017, to form a service for employers that would enhance the services offered by the cooperative. This decision comes mainly from a growing need that was observed in the MRC, and a gap in the services offered locally that was to be filled. Those are the reason why we decided to create La Clé R.H., a separate entity dedicated solely to human resources management. Established almost 5 years ago, The Key's employer services offer support to businesses in the region in all stages of their HR management.

Our team

Chanie St-Onge

Having studied in the field of industrial relations and currently perfecting her skills in the field of accounting, Chanie has developed her expertise within a large international company. Dynamic, efficient, organized and a good listener are qualities that describe her. For all your needs in human resources management, whether it is hiring, retention, personnel management or to help you develop policies and procedures, she will be able to accompany you and propose tools adapted to your needs and your reality.

Tél.: 514-999-2520

Keven Gauthier

Coordinator and Counselor

With over 6 years of experience as a manager, Keven has developed a ton of interpersonal communication, problem solving and organizational skills.

Having studied at Laval University in Industrial Relations, he has many tools to understand the different relationships between the actors of an organization and uses a multidisciplinary approach to better understand the various realities of work and employment.

Tél.: 581-887-0861

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6, rue des LilasGaspé (Québec) G4X 2L8


The HR key is a turnkey resource for your organization!

Our team members can integrate with yours as consultants. They can help you optimize your processes in the absence of an HR department or act as an interim manager. MISSION To offer you a consultation service tailored to your needs and your reality!

Recruitment support

Selecting the right candidates to meet your workforce needs is an essential pillar of human resources management. Our experts can assist you at every step of the process, from the development of the job offer to the final selection and integration of new employees. Solutions that are flexible in duration and intensity, depending on your needs.


To facilitate decision-making, our team can help you implement governance practices that combine clarity, communication, integration and training. 

Your board of directors and managers can benefit from initial and follow-up support depending on the needs and issues of your organization. 

These tools can follow you for a long time and considerably improve your working relationships.

Psychometric Tests

The psychometric evaluation allows you to obtain an objective portrait of your employees, current or future, on key competencies such as leadership, decision-making, learning abilities and more. 

This test can also give you insights into how to optimize your team's potential and thus increase the productivity and quality of your activities.

Organizational Development

Improving your company's efficiency step by step while enhancing your human potential is a challenge that our experts can help you meet successfully.

It is proven that the implementation of HR policies (employee handbooks, human resources policies) promotes a pleasant work climate, increases productivity and better employee retention.

Health and Wellness

The happiness of your employees is an essential element of any business. It is an important source of motivation and mobilization of your team. 

Physical activities, mental health workshops, group recreation and other activities can be part of the work environment and contribute to the development of your team. 

Our professionals can help you develop a customized basket of activities that your employees will enjoy.

Career Transition

Are you faced with the need to downsize and restructure your operations?

We offer a three-step process to support employees in their career planning process, allowing them to make a thoughtful transition in complete freedom.

Salary Equity

Evaluating jobs in a fair and equitable manner within a company is an essential and rigorous process that can sometimes be difficult.

Having an outside opinion to guide you in respecting all the regulations for maintaining pay equity is often essential. 

With our multi-step process, you will be assured to remain as fair as possible.


It is sometimes difficult to implement a management process with teleworking becoming more and more common in most companies. 

The H.R. Key can help you develop a policy for teleworking and even implement monitoring and tracking tools depending on the size of your team and your existing resources. 

We also offer support during a transition in your IT models.

Conflict Management and Mediation

Managing human resources also means being open when difficult situations arise.

By listening objectively and empathetically, our experts can help you put in place mechanisms to prevent, manage and resolve conflict situations within your team.

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