Management in a teleworking environment

Working from home has completely transformed the way we operate and manage businesses. Overnight, many workers have been forced to conduct their business from home. If this change has been drastic for workers, it has been just as drastic for business managers.

These questions are relevant and extremely important. Here are a few tips and tricks for your management role in a telecommuting environment.

Overnight, many workers have been forced to conduct their business from home.


First, to ensure the efficiency and comfort of your employees, it is essential to make sure that everyone has access to the appropriate equipment to perform their work. An adapted computer, a comfortable desk, a headset, and an ergonomic chair are examples of things not to be neglected when telecommuting. As a manager, it's important to be aware of the realities of everyone. Does my employee live in a location that allows for an enclosed office? Do they have young children that could disrupt the tranquility of the workspace? Does he or she need to consolidate a workspace with another family member? 

The different realities of everyone may influence the way they work. Therefore, it is important to remain flexible and above all to listen to the needs of each person.


Communication is more than ever essential in a telecommuting environment. Using a platform that allows employees to write to each other sporadically during the day and to call each other with questions can help keep communication flowing within your team. It's also important to schedule times for your team to talk outside of work-only topics. Schedule team lunches or video conferencing events to keep employees connected beyond work. 

A sense of belonging and team spirit are 2 essential elements to employee retention and that is why it is important to double your efforts to try to keep it.


In a telecommuting environment, trust in employees is paramount. It is difficult to ensure everyone's work and to monitor profitability. That's why it's important to focus on results rather than the process. Monitoring profitability becomes much more complicated at a distance. However, if the employee meets the requirements and delivers the desired results, there is no need to worry. If necessary, weekly follow-up meetings may be possible. 

Several aspects can affect an employee's efficiency. Family situation, workspace, children's schedule, lack of peace and quiet, be open to the needs and realities of each person.

Finally, unfortunately, there is no magic formula that can be applied to all companies. Being flexible and listening is the best way to ensure that employees and co-workers maintain a close relationship, even from a distance.


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